Earlier this year business coach – Keith Widelski (KTW Consulting) participated in a CPD Workshop HR & Employment for small practice, we've asked him back to provide members with a quick monthly business tip.

As a small practice, you may find yourself overwhelmed trying to juggle many parts of your business and you may feel like you’re drowning!

Whether it’s winning 2 new clients, upscaling your business or simply improving your profitability, put some time aside to review, clarify and then cement your most immediate business goal(s). 

By doing this, you can prioritise your responsibilities and even delegate or outsource some of them, if need be (e.g. hire a virtual assistant to do some of your time-consuming admin), allowing you to prioritise and pursue the tasks that will get you closer to your goal (e.g. networking for new leads, finally getting that design or pitch done).

This doesn’t mean your days will suddenly be super easy, but you can be confident you’re doing the right work for your business and your peace of mind!

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