I have been trying to sign the Client Architect Agreement with a smart developer. They crossed out the “Limit of Liability Clause” in the agreement where I filled in, as advised, “10 x the architect’s fee”. They think there should be no limit to my liability!  If this is so, and I undertake an 8 mil project, does this mean I am not covered under this policy?

Also: What does it mean when my policy says “5 million with 4 reinstatements” and what is “in the aggregate”?  What if I get, for example, an $ 8 mil. claim made against me?

Yours confused,
Bella La Corbusiere


Dear Bella,
Thanks for your important query!

There seem to be many different opinions amongst the ArchiTeam members what may be fair to put there. The legal adviser who helped us draw up the agreement, as you have already been told by the office, said 10 x the architect’s fee is a fair amount (because I think that’s roughly the amount of most budgets). Another opinion was heard at a VCAT tribunal which said 3 x the fee. Some have even said they put 1 x… Not sure how their clients react to that…?

I have checked firsthand with our brokers and the advice is that there really can be no guarantee, that whatever figure you put there cannot be challenged in court, as this will come down to what actual damages will be awarded to the plaintiff in any particular case. So, in my view this clause is purely there to remind clients, that even though the architect carries Professional Indemnity Insurance by law, this is not a license to “take architects to the cleaners” at every turn.

Your developer client-to-be should actually know the situation, so in my opinion, it is a kind of a “bullish” action of them to delete this clause and put you on the back foot. It is not a good feeling to have something crossed out in your fee-proposal by a client-to-be. You may wonder how your working relationship will develop further if it starts off like this.

In my opinion, the liability issue itself should not be such a sticking point, for the reasons mentioned above. They may have just been trying to “educate” you in an unsubtle way. So, staying cool developer client and be prepared to stand your ground with them. Best of luck.


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Yours sincerely,
W.C.P.G. Frank Lloyd Wrong

Oh, and PS:
1.  1 claim for 8 mil = Insurance pays max. 5 mil, you pay 3 mil
2.  1 claim for 5 mil and another claim (in the same year) for 3 mil = the insurance will cover both; this is meant by “reinstatement”.
3.  “In the aggregate” means all claims to the ArchiTeam group policy in one year. The ArchiTeam group policy has had a great track record, in that in over 15 years the biggest aggregate of all claims made in one year was well under $1 mil. We want to keep it this way, so hence our efforts to educate our members and thus protect our policy.


Barbara Moje
Insurance Director


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