Each year the ArchiTeam Board and CEO have a Planning Day to review what we've done in the past year and to plan for the current one. This year due to the COVID19 Omicron variant the team met twice over two weeks. The days were run by Robine Stephenson of UMECO - Day 1 reviewing our Vision and Mission to check that these are still 'active' in the planning and running of the cooperative and Day 2 strategically mapping out the BAU (Business as Usual) for not just this year, but for the next three.


As part of the discussion of the BAU, we discussed other initiatives and projects the Board would like to implement in coming years and how this will impact the operations of the cooperative which is currently made up of four part-time staff.  To do this though we need a little more information from you! So in the next week the ArchiTeam Members Survey will arrive in your inbox, giving you the opportunity to tell us more about you and what your needs are from the Coop. We hope you will all be able to participate. As shareholders of ArchiTeam Cooperative, this is an opportunity to help shape the coop into the organisation you like, use, want, and need it to be.

Overall, we had two great sessions with Robine, although we are really looking forward to seeing each other, as well as you all, face-to-face in the not too distant future.