Newly released, ProCalc is for architects who seek immediate budget control, empowered design insights, happier client referrals, and positive reputational growth.

  • You Get A Bespoke & Reliable Online Construction Price Report to Your Desktop in Just Minutes.
  • Carve Weeks Off Your Design Process Without The Budget Stress. Save Up To 30hrs/Project
  • Eliminate Nasty Budget Shocks. Run The Numbers Each Time You Update Designs - Easily
  • Enjoy Happier, Collaborative Clients – Stress-Free Price Guides Before QS Reports & Detailed Designs

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Note: ProCalc is a tool that ArchiTeam and our insurance brokers recommend our members use for potential projects and for early feasibility studies. ProCalc helps develop an opinion of probable cost, not a comprehensive/accurate assessment of cost. It’s for reference purposes and is not a substitute for professional advice from a quantity surveyor or builder who reviews more detailed documentation and site details to provide an assessment, quotation or estimate.