Small Practice In Community – One Day Conference
, Presented by Architeam
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What is it about the way an architect thinks that contributes to broader debates around community? How does this differ from others in the built environment?

As we head further into the twenty-first century there is a change occurring in the way we want to eat, work, and live. Many are moving out to create a rural existence in small, once quiet country towns, yet others are pushing the limits of living small within the fast paced hustle and bustle of our suburbs – creating ‘new communities’. So how does the role and skills of the Architect benefit the community? Does size matter? Is designing buildings enough?

Small Practice in Community draws together eminent professionals from Australia and internationally to discuss small practice architecture, collaboration, and how the sharing of resources with like-minded colleagues inspires new ideas. New ideas and new ideals that step outside the traditional model of architectural delivery.

  • Why do these individuals choose to step beyond the traditional model?
  • Is ‘small’ the new success?
  • Is being ‘small’ the socially responsible thing to do?
  • How does a community benefit from ‘small’?
  • And how does architecture benefit from “small”?

The ArchiTeam one day conference will inspire you to love your small practice, and to consider how you can contribute to your surroundings and the wider community, to amplify the benefits of architects and architecture.

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Where: Museum Theatre, Melbourne Museum 11 Nicholson St Carlton Melbourne 3053

When: 10:00am - 4:15pm, 26 August

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