ArchiTeam Awards…Open House Melbourne presents – Make Your Own World: How to be an Architect
, Presented by Open House Melbourne

Make Your Own World: How to be an Architect

Come and meet some people who can turn imaginary worlds into reality – virtual and actual. How do they do it?

A young wannabe architect (10yo) and an architect will show you how they bring worlds out of their imagination and into – virtual – reality. Using Minecraft and professional architectural 3D software, they will take you on a tour of a world that only exists in their heads.

And how do you make imaginary worlds real? Have a chat with the people who do it every day. An architecture student, a recent graduate and an architect will tell you about what they do, how they do it and how you can do it too.

Part 1: Out of Your imagination and Into Virtual Reality
Minecraft and architectural 3D software demo by 10yo and his architect dad.
(suitable for younger children)

Part 2: Making Virtual into Actual
Short presentations by people at various stages of becoming architects, students and professionals alike, followed by a Q&A.
(suitable for older school kids 14-17 who may be interested in becoming architects)

ArchiTeam Awards

Also on at FIVEasey Upstairs, view the 2018 ArchiTeam Award exhibition. Showcasing innovative and cutting edge design by Australia’s small practices, the annual ArchiTeam Awards celebrate the contribution small, medium and emerging practices make to the Australian architectural landscape

Where: FIVEasey Upstairs - 5 Easey Street, Collingwood

When: 11am – 2pm, 24 November

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