About Us

Founded in 1991 ArchiTeam Cooperative is a membership association for Australian architects working in small, medium and emerging practices.

We’ve been around for 25 years but we’re undergoing a growth spurt as the unique role and importance of small practice is recognised in the design industry. ArchiTeam is democratically run by members, for members. Every member is encouraged to play an active part in shaping our organisation. With over 600+ members, we are the leading dedicated voice of Australia’s small architectural practices.

Our Vision

We aim to be the leading representative of small practice architects throughout Australia.

Our Mission

We exist to bring the benefits of co-operation to our members. By using our combined voices we aim to support our members in their work and professional learning, and raise the profile of our industry by:

  • Promoting our members and our industry
  • Assisting our architecture community to connect and improve
  • Protecting our members

*ArchiTeam is registered as a co-operative under the Co-operatives Act 1996 (Vic) and is not required to hold an Australian financial services licence to provide financial services in connection with general insurance products.


ArchiTeam Privacy Policy (2017)